The Story of Peas & Carrots

At the end of July, on a quiet Sunday Morning (before what actually turned out to be my SURPRISE BRIDAL SHOWER), I was talking with one of my friends about Forrest Gump when an interesting question arouse.

“Why does Forrest always say “we go together like peas and carrots”? And, how did that phrase come about?!”

In one simple text, I crafted an entire story about how a farmer created the pea, and was doing really well until another farmer came to town with carrots, destroying his business entirely. The carrot farmer felt horrible, so she decided to sell peas and carrots together and everyone loved them.

The response to this text was:

“You should write another children’s book about that.”

That night, after feeling so overwhelmed with love and gratitude from everyone at my shower, I stayed up all night writing this short story. The next morning, Mark read the first draft, looked up at me, and said “Leanne, make this a book. Now.”

I went on upwork, posted a job, and well, the rest is now…



children's book

What are peas? What are carrots? And, why do adults always say “We go together like peas & carrots”? Pete the Farmer is excited when he creates a new vegetable, called a Pea. But, what happens when a new Farmer, Carrie, comes to town with her Carrots? Join this imaginative tale of how the phrase “We go together like peas & carrots” came to fruition.

The process was speedy, slightly asinine considering I work full time, and am planning a wedding, and, completely opposite of the process of publishing Audrey. In fact, this story, being so simple and well received, made me seriously question Audrey’s story. It took me a few weeks to realize the two stories are apples and oranges, and, having a simple, easy to read children’s book is a good way to get my name out there. Of course, I did tweak Audrey just a little bit this week, and while Audrey will always be more personal, I could not be more proud of “The Story of Peas & Carrots”.

To buy “The Story of Peas and Carrots” simply click here. 

I can’t wait to have many more of these types of posts to share.


fire island family

Our Summer Adventure

Every year, I had to write a “Summer Adventure” essay for school where I would meticulously detail my visits to Splish Splash Water Park, Jones Beach, and playing in our pool with all my friends (aka- my stuffed animals)

A few months ago, I thought I had a lot of time. Ah, time. Time is a fickle beast, but, maybe that part is our fault. We wish for it to go by quicker, but, when it does, we are screaming for it to slow down as much as possible.

This summer was filled with amazing adventure, reconnecting with old friends, celebrating our wedding with showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and planning the biggest day of our lives.

We took a road trip up to Rochester, out to Ohio, and down to where we officially got engaged in July.


We travelled down to the Jersey Shore to spend a few days with Mark’s family on the boardwalk. We frequented Fire Island, had BBQs with our friends, explored new restaurants, and overall, savored every ounce of summer.

fire island family

I also had the honor to photograph my two best friends engagement photos just the other day. It was amazing to be able to be creative, capture moments, and just be in my element for a few hours.

engagement photos

It also reassured me that the next step is definitely to take a few photography classes to solidify those skills, and grow even more.

I have a new children’s book that I’m attempting to finish before mid-september (because, why not pile it on!) and my full time job is, well, very full time at the moment. In the next few weeks until our wedding, I am planning 17 events for other people. Is it time to get an assistant yet?

Of course, there has been some wedding planning stumbles along the way. With such a small venue, we only allowed people who were in serious relationships that we knew to have plus ones. Unfortunately, not everyone respected that wish… oh well, their gift better cover the cost.… I mean, the more the merrier!

And now, we are FIVE…. I repeat…. FIIIIVEEEEEE WEEKS… away from our wedding date. My dress is here, and it fits! My arms are fat, but I have five weeks to work on that.  My bridesmaids have all had their dresses tailored. All of our groomsmen have been fitted for their tuxedos.  My veil is here, make up trial is done, shoes are being worn 20 minutes a night, music has been submitted, final menu is finalized… it’s all coming together!

The RSVP date is TOMORROW!

All the feelings are surfacing because this finally feels REALLY REAL. I know the wedding day will fly by. I know walking down the aisle will be an outer body experience. I know Emmett will do an incredible job walking down the aisle with our rings. And, I know that with all the things Mark and I have faced, that this marriage will last forever.

And, with so much going on I just know the next 5 weeks are going to FLY.

Time; we wish we had more of it, but, at this moment, I can’t wait to see how fast it goes.






Your Adult Bucket List

The other day, a customer who I’ve known for a few years now asked me a simple question. He said,

“You seem like you want to do more than just this.”

It was Sunday, I was doing my usual bartending shift. A shift I only took because at the time it was a day Mark worked, and I wanted to get to know him better, so I figured “I’ll take it and spend time with him.” Now, it’s the one shift I would love to trade because it currently takes away time together. You know, because he works a normal job, and I do not. However, I can’t trade it because I built a pretty decent Sunday business for myself and have too many regulars.

Ah, I love catch-22s.

Anyway, in that moment, he was right. I do want to do something more than bartend. And, most days I am doing something more than tending bar. (figured I should add a little variety there)

But, if I had inherited a million dollars, or, won the lottery, or, if this blog or Audrey and the Extraordinary Camera found amazing success, would I still be doing what I am currently doing?

Probably not, or, at least not in the same context.

I would buy a beautiful, but relatively tiny, house on a lot of land, and travel. I would write, and start a photography studio. I always dreamed of owning my own restaurant- a small, twenty seater, where I could have my own photography gracing the walls. Where we could have freedom to do different recipes every week. And, while I would check on that restaurant all the time, I wouldn’t be there all the time.

I would travel; not just the world, but, I would spend the most time exploring our own country. Visit all of the states, road trip with the one I love. I would still work, but, I would have the freedom to do more without having to worry about meeting deadlines, or, you know, being able to afford living.

When we are younger, we draw up a bucket list. We dream of who we will be, what we will look like, where we will end up. Then, we grow up and we don’t think of a bucket list again until we retire. Until we realize that we are in the fourth quarter of life.

But, what if we didn’t wait that long between dreams? What if we had an adult bucket list?

Where we keep our dreams right in front of us, and find a way to survive, and follow our dreams?

The millennial dream. That’s what we are searching for. That balance where we can live, but, we can also afford it.

I thought of all of this before answering his question. I allowed him to ramble a little more before he re-visited his question. And, when I was ready, I answered very simply:

“This year alone, I have published a book, I have built a really strong catering business, I have planned a beautiful engagement party, and am planning a beautiful wedding, with only one breakdown. Last week, I crossed a new state off of my bucket list, and was able to see another part of our country, while attending my favorite bands concert. So, while I don’t currently like standing here behind this bar, and while I’m currently thinking about the three cakes I have to order for next weekend, I think I’m exactly where I need to be.” 

I am just a girl snuggling her dog writing on her laptop. A girl so happy to be where she is.