A Mantra to Live By

I’ve written quite a bit about how I had felt like I was in a funk a few weeks ago. I have found that when you’re transparent about yourself, you’re able to work through things more clearly. And, since this is my internet space, and I still believe that no one reads this, it felt right to write about it. I also think it’s important to acknowledge funks- we all go through them and it’s not something to be ashamed of. To me, it’s your subconscious telling you something, and it’s you’re job to figure out what that is.


One of the ways I’ve attempted to re-center myself is to use Mantras. Each day, I receive a daily affirmation from an app on my phone. I decide if it resonates with my heart, and write it down.

However, something very interesting happened yesterday; I received two, conflicting, mantras. I heard the first one early in the morning and it sung to my heart.

How other’s treat you is a reflection of them

How you react is a reflection of you.

One of the best parts of the book “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office”  ( I swear to you, this book has shifted me in ways I didn’t know needed shifted) is that is has taught me how to react to situations better. In recent weeks, I have found that because I am more aware of how poorly I tend to react, I am much better at thinking before I speak, centering my thoughts, and not reacting off the cuff.  It’s such a positive reflection of who I want to be, so you could imagine how much I loved that mantra.

Later in the evening, a customer intentionally came in later at night to talk to me about something she witnessed last time she was there. One of my co-workers was disrespectful to me, and, she was disappointed in my reaction to it. She has always seen me as a strong woman, and in her eyes, in that moment, I should have been more assertive. She could be right on her observations. She is a woman I respect, admire, and aspire to be like. Not only is she wealthy, but, she has found a way to merge her creativity with her own computer software company. Listening to her talk about programming like an art form can inspire anyone. Whenever she comes in, I tend to have a piece of paper and pen handy because I always find solace in her words. Last night, she said this:

The way people treat you is a reflection of how you see yourself. 

Completely conflicting to the mantra I resonated with earlier the same day. After she left I grabbed my journal (my co-workers all know when I take that out at a shift that something is tripping me) and I sat at the bar to write what she had said into it. I looked up at one of my co-workers, and read to him both mantras. Having heard most of the conversation the woman and I had, he saw just how conflicted I was. And, then he said something that made so much sense:

Well, that’s the thing about mantras, right? We have to find the one that works for us.

The thing is, both of those mantras are right. The customer is right in the sense that people shouldn’t feel like they can be disrespectful, especially in front of customers. However, this employees behavior isn’t a reflection of me, but rather, a reflection of a person trying to seem bigger than they are. It’s why I don’t react to it. Because, that’s exactly what they would want. Rather, I focus on the people who are worth it. The people who bring out the best in me because they’re the ones that I want to reflect off of.

Life isn’t always perfect. It can’t always be summed up in cute, sage packages of words. And, that’s okay. We each have to take our journey and hope that we can continue to learn and grow.

What are some mantras you live by?

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Seven Day Update (From Emmett James)

Hi Humans on the internet! It’s me, Emmett. You may be familiar with me. My mom literally is obsessed with me and for a solid two years I was the only thing she posted on Instagram. I’m still the star of her Snapchat and Insta-Stories… I’m kind of a big deal. Image-8

Here’s me in our old apartment surrounded by boxes and just unsure of everything…

Anyway, Mom is helping Dad cook dinner so I thought I would give you a seven day update on living in a house. It’s pretty cool, actually. I have a lot of space to roam around. At first, I didn’t like it. I was afraid my parents were going to leave me behind like my last humans did. They tied me to a pole and made me fend for myself. Fortunately, I ended up with my mom (and, then my dad when I met him at 1 a.m. in my grandma’s backyard) but, I was still super nervous. I still bark at my parent’s when they leave me, but, I just do that for attention. Once they’re gone I sleep.

When we first moved in my parent’s let me roam around the backyard that they claimed was all mine. To be honest, it was sort of scary. I mean, weeds were taller than me, and I don’t think my humans realized just how many bugs were in that overgrown mess.

We had to deal with it for a lot longer than my mom expected. She kept getting upset because the landscaper wouldn’t work in the rain, but, he came on Monday. They spent 4 hours on our yard, and, now because of some sort of poison I’m not allowed on all of that land. It’s so unfair! It has forced my mom to walk me around the neighborhood, and I love it. I sniff everything.

We officially moved into this house on Saturday. All my parents friends came over. I helped! Look, here’s a video of me moving my toy to the moving van.

My grandpa yelled at my mom  for letting me off leash in the yard on the first day. He was afraid I was going to run away. But, like… I love my humans and never plan on leaving them. He really doesn’t have to worry.

After grandpa left, all of my humans favorite humans helped us unpack all of those boxes. My mom was very overwhelmed by it all, but, her friends put everything away, organized everything, and made lists for things that we needed to make this place livable. Here’s a few pictures of them:


This is my Uncle Dan in our garage after the couch didn’t fit downstairs…


Here’s my Aunt Kelly, Uncle Dan and Uncle Scott taking a well deserved break.


For twenty minutes, my parents tried to fit our couch into the door to go into our hugeeeeeee basement (that I take great pleasure running around in!) but it didn’t fit. My mom and my Uncle Scott stood on the deck yelling “PIVOT” the whole time. I don’t think it was very helpful, but, my Uncle Dan laughed a lot. Something about a reference to a TV show from the 90s? Who knows, my mom is so old.

My parents keep telling me a “sectional” is coming tomorrow, but, I don’t know what that is. For now, I’ve been resting on the air bed my parents put in the living room. It’s sort of weird, but, if that’s the style my parents are going for… then, go for it. Here’s me and my dad snuggling before mom left for work. (my mom keeps reminding everyone that the air conditioner is not staying there, but, installing a ductless air conditioner in August is pretty silly and they’d rather just save the money and do it next year since Winter is coming.)


I didn’t want to say anything when my parents bought the house since they were so excited about it, but, the outside was ugly A.F. It was just a box on land, but, mom thought she could make it pretty. For the last few days I’ve watched my humans from the front window as they installed something called “shutters” and dug holes to put new trees for me to pee on. Mom says she has to wait for the “top soil” to be delivered to continue, but, she wanted to plant her trees so they could start growing. Here’s a before and after:


Here’s me, standing on the porch seriously questioning this decision.


Seven day’s later. My humans are working hard. (but, they still have a wayyyy to go)

Honestly, I’m really proud of my humans. I was tired of living in that tiny apartment, anyway. This house is really nice on the inside too. I know my mom has shared some pictures of it already. (I read her blog)

I am having trouble adjusting to hard wood floors. I walk like a doofus and my mom giggles at me endlessly. Like, have a little emotion, mom… Anyway, my parents are done cooking their food. I can’t wait until that thing is delivered tomorrow. Apparently, a new, bigger, bed is coming too? I hope that is true because snuggling all three of us on a full size bed is just a little too much. Thank god we all love each other.

Have a nice night, internet humans.

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Lessons from Home Ownership

We’ve owned our home for less than 72 hours, so clearly, I’m an expert in home ownership. That’s how millennials work- we dapple in something, become experts, become influencers, and take over the world. Just kidding. Maybe.

I am up early, after going to bed at 2 a.m. from work, because we had planned to do a long trip of collecting items from various places with the van from work. Ah, plans. It’s cute when we make them, right?

I actually am not a plan person, at all. I’m more of a fly by the seat of your pants type of person. However, when it comes to “adulting”, I make plans. My “plan” (notice how I’m adding this word into quotations now), for this week was to have the landscaping done, new furniture delivered, and to have my desk that I have waited 27 years for in my home. The landscaping was supposed to be done yesterday, the furniture was supposed to be delivered Saturday, and I was supposed to get my antique desk from my grandpa today.

Well, the landscapers couldn’t work yesterday because it rained. (editors note: our house was not lived in for three months… in the summer… so, basically our (just under) acre lot is all weeds. It’s mortifying to me [which is why I haven’t posted an exterior picture] I will, however, post a before an after once it’s cleaned up.) The furniture won’t be delivered until Wednesday, and the van from work is broken until tomorrow.

Oddly enough, I haven’t handled these changes to my plan as well as I normally do. I mean, I’m literally known at work for being good under pressure and to be a problem solver, and yet, when it came to finding out the landscaper couldn’t work in the rain my reaction was “well, it’s sunny now.” When the furniture wasn’t going to be delivered until Wednesday, my reaction was “Then why do they promise 3 day delivery if it’s going to take 7?” Really, not my finest moments.

When you wait three months for a house, you sort of want a little more speed when it comes to getting things done for it. Especially the landscaping. I cannot express to you enough how overwhelming it is to look at. I know I’m not going to have grass right away, I know I’m not planting anything until the spring (except maybe one hydrangea bush because I love hydrangeas), but, I cannot stand being the house on the block with the overgrown lawn.

However, I have been reminded of something very important during these last three days.

Life takes time. 

The landscaping will be done, and no one is sitting there judging us over it. 

The furniture will be delivered.

I will get my grandpa’s desk eventually. I haven’t worked at a desk for 3 years and have survived. I will survive another three days. 

And, you know what- now our day is a little less overwhelming.

Tomorrow is the big move out of our apartment. Thank God for lots of friends willing and excited to help us with anything. Today, my mom, brothers, and in laws will all be at the house to help us start organizing. Tomorrow, our friends will do the heavy lifting, the landscaper will start turning the soil, my dad will be bringing us trays upon trays of food. We are so fortunate to have so many people willing to help us. (even though there will be no where to sit because the furniture won’t be delivered until Wednesday…. okay, one last little jab.. I’ll stop now)

Here’s to new beginnings. LOTS OF PICTURES TO COME!

editors note: I’m writing this at 8:00 a.m. on barely any caffeine. I am not going to sit here an attempt to edit it. Honestly, it shouldn’t even be called editors note because I’m not an editor. What i’m trying to get at is this; much like my friends and neighbors can’t judge us for our overgrown lawn, you can’t judge me for any mistakes in this post. Deal?

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