Verity Ever After


There’s nothing like waking up on the morning of your wedding day. It starts like any other day; you stretch, do your morning routine like walk the dogs, and have breakfast, except, you’re not getting ready for a day of writing or work; you’re getting ready for a day celebrating your love. The excitement is palpable, and, the whole thing feels like a dream. “Today is my Verity Ever After” I thought to myself. (wedding hashtags, FTW)

We arrived at the venue, early, and just started the getting ready process. One by one, the bridesmaids started to show up, and before I knew it, I saw Mark entering the mansion from my bridal suite. Everyone dance and sang around the room, and I remained calm on the sideline; witnessing and embracing all of the love that filled the air. 



Admittedly, I was eerily calm the morning of our wedding. Oh, it’s raining? Thats okay- we’ll move the ceremony inside. Nothing mattered except the moment I saw Mark when I walked down the aisle. All I wanted to do was to live in the moment because I knew just how fast these moments would go by.

But, no matter how hard I tried to embrace every second, it didn’t matter; the time still went by far too quickly. Soon, the hallway was bustling below us with guests arriving. Fortunately, I was able to steal a moment (a.k.a- lock guests outside) to see my dad before everything started. Seeing his face light up at the bottom of the stairs will forever be one of my favorite moments from the day, and I can’t wait to see that picture.


I also was so glad I stuck to my guns on a few things (no kids, limited guest list, and Emmett as the ring bearer). Emmett did such an amazing job- during the vows he just laid there, and when it was time to get the rings from him, he sat up and let the best man just take them.


Our ceremony ended up being so many peoples favorite part of the day, including mine.  I will never forget the moment when I turned the corner for the aisle, only to see Mark’s face, completely overwhelmed with tears welling in his eyes. We wrote our own vows: mine were sentimental and funny. Mark’s were written in a rhyme like my book, The Story of Peas and Carrots. Without a doubt, he won.


Throughout the night, Mark and I kept stealing moments away together. Since all of our wedding party was “freezing” during the pictures, Mark and I took the moment to steal some pictures of us together, alone. We laughed, we hugged, we took it all in.

img_5348 fullsizerender

During dinner, we looked around in awe; everyone was having such a  great time, and that’s all we wanted.

While I missed the entire dessert portion of the evening, AND OUR PIZZA STATION AT 9:45, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We danced, we laughed, we soaked it all in. We cut the line at the Photo Booth (note to future brides; always get a Photo Booth! it’s worth the laughs) 

At one point, we went out to the end of the patio, turned around and looked inside; spectators at our own wedding. We watched as people danced, sang, laughed, cuddled around the fire pits. “We did it” we whispered to each other.


photobooth-1 photobooth-2 photobooth-3 photobooth-4 photobooth-5


No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make the time stop. Before I knew it, the night was over. We hopped on the shuttle back to the hotel, had a ridiculous after party with friends and family (that involved me walking to Wendy’s in my wedding dress because my husband was hungry). A few hours later, we were in the airport off to Bermuda. Just like that, my life started a new chapter, with my favorite character right by my side.

Thank you to everyone who reached out. Words will never be able to truly cover how grateful we are for everything.


In Just Five Days

Engagement Shoot_17

I’m sitting here, attempting to wrap my head around the fact that in five days, well, four and half now, I will be marrying the love of my life.

All the decorations have been delivered to the venue. The vows finally don’t sound like I’m making a proclamation in 1800s, but, rather, sound genuine and well… like me. (Listen, writing the vows proved to be the hardest part for me)

The processional is finalized, the rehearsal dinner is all set, my dress fits and I just have to pick it up. Emmett has his puppy tuxedo all ready, the rings are safe and polished.

My hair, after becoming the most blonde I’ve ever been, is back to its’ natural black. While I already miss my blonde, I do love looking like I did when I first met Mark. The black isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


After a whole debacle over not being able to use our passports as a valid form of identification (seriously, I have to have a birth certificate to get a passport… so, WHY CAN’T I USE MY PASSPORT TO PROVE THAT I AM LEANNE GELISH?!) we finally have our Marriage License. Just in time


My honeymoon attire is set aside, waiting to be packed while Emmett is at the groomers on Thursday. He doesn’t handle suitcases well. And, I don’t handle saying goodbye to him well. It’s an interesting relationship.

Hurricane Matthew anxiety is in full swing, and I’ve basically become a meteorologist over the last 3 days. While I find humor in the fact that the Hurricane shares the same name as my brother, who, rumor had it, wanted this weekend as a wedding weekend, natural disasters cause me a lot of anxiety. Knowing that thousands of lives are going to be horribly impacted hurts my heart, but, I also selfishly keep hoping the Hurricane won’t impact my wedding day. It’s okay to be mildly selfish, right?

You can’t stop Mother Nature, but you can certainly put your wedding shoes at the window, toes pointing out, like the old wives tale tells us to. (also, if you’re reading this, can you put a pair of shoes at your window with the toes facing out?)

And, now, we enjoy these last few days as feeeyonnceees. Before I start calling Mark, “Husbae”. You’re welcome, basic white girls like me. However, I’m copyrighting that word as we speak.

What an amazing journey this has been; but, the best is yet to come.


The Story of Peas & Carrots

At the end of July, on a quiet Sunday Morning (before what actually turned out to be my SURPRISE BRIDAL SHOWER), I was talking with one of my friends about Forrest Gump when an interesting question arouse.

“Why does Forrest always say “we go together like peas and carrots”? And, how did that phrase come about?!”

In one simple text, I crafted an entire story about how a farmer created the pea, and was doing really well until another farmer came to town with carrots, destroying his business entirely. The carrot farmer felt horrible, so she decided to sell peas and carrots together and everyone loved them.

The response to this text was:

“You should write another children’s book about that.”

That night, after feeling so overwhelmed with love and gratitude from everyone at my shower, I stayed up all night writing this short story. The next morning, Mark read the first draft, looked up at me, and said “Leanne, make this a book. Now.”

I went on upwork, posted a job, and well, the rest is now…



children's book

What are peas? What are carrots? And, why do adults always say “We go together like peas & carrots”? Pete the Farmer is excited when he creates a new vegetable, called a Pea. But, what happens when a new Farmer, Carrie, comes to town with her Carrots? Join this imaginative tale of how the phrase “We go together like peas & carrots” came to fruition.

The process was speedy, slightly asinine considering I work full time, and am planning a wedding, and, completely opposite of the process of publishing Audrey. In fact, this story, being so simple and well received, made me seriously question Audrey’s story. It took me a few weeks to realize the two stories are apples and oranges, and, having a simple, easy to read children’s book is a good way to get my name out there. Of course, I did tweak Audrey just a little bit this week, and while Audrey will always be more personal, I could not be more proud of “The Story of Peas & Carrots”.

To buy “The Story of Peas and Carrots” simply click here. 

I can’t wait to have many more of these types of posts to share.