About Leanne

If you’re visiting this page to “liketoknow” my outfit, or a make up tutorial- I’m sorry, but, this isn’t the site for you. (but, if you know a good makeup tutorial for girls who buy makeup at CVS, HMU)

For so long, I thought I could be a lifestyle blog. I could fit into their beautiful niche of perfectly curated instagram posts, and well manicured fingers holding their first pumpkin spice latte of the season. I tried, but, I am just not one of them. 

So, who am I? And, why do I have this page?

I’m Leanne and I am a full time event planner and part time photographer. My love of the tiny details, my addiction to the buzz of restaurants and events on a busy night, and my need to capture the world around me has landed me here; in this paradoxical, funny, messy, world. My love of creating a world around me has always driven this idea of being a blogger. I thought “I can write!” and just went for it. Although, my placement of commas and otherwise poor grammar at times, might indicate otherwise.

(and, I went to private school. #Ishouldbebetter)

I have had this page for a few years now. It’s the longest I’ve kept a blog, and, in this time, I have tried too hard to be something I am not. I am not someone who can have a content calendar. I am not someone who can take pictures of myself in a cute outfit. I am not someone who can do a vlog, or instavideos of me talking to “you”, the viewer.

And, for so long I thought I had to be that to have this. I took their courses, I bought a book to write out content, and, none of it worked for me.

So, instead, we’re doing this so it does work for me. I’ll write about books. I might write a recipe or two. After all, I have a love of food. (and, my waistline agrees) I just can’t promise you pretty pictures of those recipes. (The Pinterest Gods are smiting me!)

I’ll share my photography sessions. I’ll share random musings. Hell, I might even share another post from the perspective of my dog. I’ll share the days where I’m in a funk (as I did all summer). I’ll share the happiest days (as I have over the last few years.)

I will be honest, I will be raw, and I will share as much as I can. If I learn how to do eyeshadow the correct way, I’ll share with you how I learned.

So, let’s give this page a new chapter… together.