The Soul is a Puzzle

A Weekly article describing our life as a puzzle and how all the pieces come together.

soul is a puzzle

Your Heart at the Center of Your Puzzle

The following piece is a continuation from last weeks post, “The Soul is a Puzzle: An Introduction”.

Life is nothing if we don’t put ourselves out there.


Your Heart at the Center of Your Puzzle

 Take a second to listen to your body. Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Now exhale, slowly. Repeat that process a few times. Take a deep breath in. Hold that breath. Now exhale again. As you repeat the process take a moment to listen to your body. Feel the blood seamlessly pumping through your body. Focus your mind on the expansion of your lungs each time. Visualize your inner body working.

 Feeling relaxed? Okay. Don’t fall asleep on me.

 Our bodies are controlled by our heart. Our heart requires a lot to continuously pump blood through our brains. First, it seeks oxygen from our lungs. Then, it works tirelessly to pump that oxygen through our body. From the center of body, to the tip our toes, all the way to our brain, it is our heart that keeps us alive. Even the smallest blockage can cause massive repercussions.

 While science has always focused on our brains as the puzzle that creates the whole, I enlist in a different theory. I believe it is our heart that is the piece that keeps us whole.

 There is plenty of empirical evidence supporting the Broken Heart Syndrome. The idea that while some of us are resilient enough to overcome a broken heart, there are plenty of cases where a broken heart can lead to heart complications. In fact, researchers say that 1 in 320 people who are at high risk for heart failure, and 1 in 1,400 people who are at low risk will experience increased heart problems due to some sort of heartbreak. (fact check me here) Even more specific, a grieving spouse is more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke, accounting for 53% of their deaths.

 So, why is it that the heart isn’t more closely considered when we think of our overall health. Sure, we are taught to eat less bacon, do our cardio,  and take care of our body.  But, what about the connection between our heart and our emotional health?

 Think of how your heart and body feel when you experience different emotions.  Happiness leads to a light heart, which tends to lead to an overall healthier body experience. Perhaps your joints hurt less, old injuries flare up less, and there is a certain aura about you that projects to those around you.

 When your stressed, your body has a tendency to feel tired or drained more often. Sadness can lead to a literal heartache, which can lead to loss of appetite and a myriad of other issues. (like belly fat. oh, the belly bulge)

 If we’re looking at our life as a puzzle piece, we must first focus on the heart as the center piece of that puzzle. While we are attune to the importance of maintaining our mental health, we must always remember that it is our heart that drives our mental health.

 The two are connected on a string. Like how we wonder what came first, the chicken or the egg, there is no clear start or beginning on which part of our body drives the other. Those more logical will insist that it is our mind that controls our body. Yes, it does control our motor functions, this theory is not here to argue that. Here, we are more focused on the emotional content. Those more intuitive will insist that it is our heart that drives our decisions. Rely on your “instinct”, “believe in an outcome”, us hopeless optimists will insist that the root of our existence is right in the center of our bodies.

If our soul is a puzzle  piece, the heart is its own individual puzzle on its’ own.


Next Week: The Puzzle Pieces Directly Around Your Heart (and, how they impact your life)

The Soul is a Puzzle- An Introduction

For a few weeks now, I have been working on this new thought process I sort of stumbled upon. While I’ve spent most of my morning transcribing and dissecting my amazing Palm and Natal Chart reading last night (seriously, I love when you meet someone with immense talent), I sort of felt like today was a good day to introduce this “theory” (I use that term lightly. Very lightly)

Today’s post is going to be a simple introduction to this new thought process. Laying down the foundation, if you will. In my hope of living a more intentional life, having weekly posts like this certainly inspire me to keep going.



The Soul is  a Puzzle


You walk through the mall one day and see a beautiful picture in the window of a store.Upon closer inspection, you see that this beautiful imagery is actually a puzzle that was glued together. On a whim, you decide to buy this two thousand piece puzzle in hopes that you too can have that piece of art in your home. Like a child with a new toy, you arrive home anxious to put together this new puzzle. You pour a glass of wine (or, if you’re like me, baileys on the rocks), get comfortable and begin to open the puzzle. You empty the contents of the box and stare at the image, look back at the pile of pieces askew on your table or living room floor, look back at the final product and wonder if this was the best idea.

Inhale, exhale. You start organizing the pieces of the puzzle and as you move each piece into different piles, you begin to notice that certain pieces are beginning to come together. It takes time, but the more you become familiar with each piece, the easier it is to fill in the gaps to this puzzle that once seemed overwhelming. Slowly but surely, the puzzle begins to take shape.

Look back at that final product on the box one last time. However, this time, imagine the final image is a picture of you. All of those little pieces that were once stacked in an overwhelming pile were the pieces that create “you”. Not just “you” as an employee, “you” as a spouse, or “You” as a friend; no, the whole you. The pieces you don’t share with everyone, but the ones you know are there.

Each piece that once laid in a pile were labeled. Names of people who mean a lot to you, activities you enjoy, personality traits, your guilty pleasures, favorite food. Your memories described, the people you’ve lost, and the people you treasure.

Imagine looking at your life as a puzzle.

Yes, the puzzle as a whole is important. After all, the attraction of the aesthetic is what led you to purchase it. But, isn’t the journey to putting together the puzzle the attraction of it? Finding the correct pieces, working through frustration to fit each piece meticulously together. There’s satisfaction in finding answers, or solutions. There’s completeness that comes when you can work to put something together. It’s the challenge that attracts us to the puzzle, right?

While puzzles initially seem sturdy, it’s a known fact that puzzle pieces can fray, pieces can disconnect, and as any hobbyist will tell you, nothing is more tedious than attempting to frame the completed puzzle. When putting together a puzzle, it’s important to take care of each piece. Because, if they fray or become damaged, they might not fit seamlessly.

If our soul is a puzzle, it’s the journey of piecing it together that makes life so fulfilled.

This piece, or, continuing thought process, explores the idea of how our soul and life comes together in little fragments, and how we have to enjoy each moment of it.

Next Week: The Heart as the Center of the Puzzle.


Happy weekend. Let me know your feedback