Audrey and the Extraordinary Camera children's book
You can join Audrey on her adventure here by clicking on the photo


This imaginative children’s book is quite the adventure. Audrey Terralucci is an ordinary eight year old girl. Like many eight year olds, Audrey spends her days at school, soccer practice and at home. All of her days are the same, until one day, something extraordinary happens.

Audrey stumbles upon a camera that has magical powers. When she pushes the silver button items around her come to life. Through the viewfinder of this magical camera, Audrey embarks on an adventure to remember. Join Audrey as she takes her readers through the bustling streets of New York City.

From the Central Park Zoo, to exploring museums, Audrey and her new best friend, Kody learn so much; but, the most important lesson is one that cannot be bought.


pc-cover_page-1What are peas? What are carrots? And, why do adults always say “We go together like peas & carrots”? Pete the Farmer is excited when he creates a new vegetable, called a Pea. But, what happens when a new Farmer, Carrie, comes to town with her Carrots?  Perfect for children from ages 0-8, this imaginative tale will have anyone drooling for some peas and carrots.



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