The Magnificent Adventures of Leanne

 Leanne Gelish_Photography_DMB 437

This weekend, for all non- Dave Matthews band fans, was supposed to be the kick- off to my summer “tour”. It’s Saratoga Performing Arts Center, or, SPAC, weekend. I had been looking forward to this weekend for MONTHS AND MONTHS; seeing all my friends, having a photo pass, again, hearing my favorite band live; the excitement would keep me up at night. Unfortunately, life changes and I will not be attending SPAC this weekend. Rather, I’ll be working. And, while you may be reading this thinking “Leanne, you suck and are depressing”, the truth is, I am bringing up SPAC because I have realized just how amazing and adventurous my last few weeks have been.

From trying new restaurants, hanging in lounges, attending random concerts, taking a trip to NYC “just because”, to catching up with old friends, making new friends, laughing so hard your stomach hurts and tears drip down your face, late nights, earlier mornings, writing, photographing, documenting it all– it has been a whirlwind of adventure and mischief that only I could procure for myself.


I’ve explored and have gotten lost in the tall trees… 


Spent days, dreaming of living in this castle; on the Gold Coast, while dining with F. Scott and all his friends.


I’ve become the unofficial third roommate; enjoying amazing meals on the rooftop…


Taken adventures with this lady…

SassyPants_LGPhotography DSC_3472

And, of course, spent days with my Ham.


And, while some moments have been trippy and uncertain….


I have managed to stay grounded; even when on top of the “world” with my legs hanging free.


And, all the while, I’ve been able to capture the small beauty in it all.

The truth is, I don’t look forward to “one event” anymore;  I look forward to all of them, each and every day. I look forward to the days where I have lunch in Manhattan, and end my night at a Ramones cover band concert until 2 a.m. It’s a nice feeling to look forward to it all. And, while my heart will have minor pings of pain throughout the weekend because I am missing something I dearly love, I know that I will find myself at a show soon enough.

Happy SPAC-ation, my loves. Send me lots and lots of snaps!

The Dichotomous Mind of A Creative Type



I’ve always said that there are two Leanne’s; the one that everyone loves (or, at least most people do), and the quiet, reserved Leanne that rarely peeks her head.

Outgoing Leanne, she’s the one who lives to get the stories, while, quiet Leanne is the one documenting every small detail, from a gentle hand swipe, to the way lips first feel during a kiss, for later writings.

Outgoing Leanne, she’s the one who isn’t afraid to go out, take pictures, try new things, make mistakes, learn and laugh at them. Outgoing Leanne is the one planning the small camera tattoo on her left pointer finger, the one urging me to look at flights costs to New Orleans, the one who has dance parties in her room every morning as she gets ready, the one who continuously smiles throughout the day, for no reason other than she’s just happy. Outgoing Leanne, she’s the one I prefer.  Quiet Leanne, she internalizes all of those moments, deciphering which lessons to take to heart, and which lessons will be okay to learn again. Quiet Leanne judges from her gold throne, pointing her jewel encrusted scepter at all the foolishness that is Outgoing Leanne. And, if revealed for too long, Quiet Leanne can become quite the bitch, while outgoing Leanne can become quite overwhelming.

And, while it may seem a bit crazy to refer to yourself as two versions of you, the truth is, all creative minds have a similar dichotomy. We yearn to communicate with others; as a form of connection, development, and overall comfort, but we also strive for those quiet moments; the ones where we are so tucked away from the world that we forget to eat, drink, sleep and all the other things we must do to survive. We thrive when we successfully balance both, and suffer when it becomes unbalanced. And, perhaps it shouldn’t be limited to just creative types. Truth is, there are different sides to every coin, and we choose which side faces up.

Lately, I’ve realized that for a long time, both Leanne’s fought each other. And, for a while, quiet Leanne won. She documented every detail, internalized it, reared her ugly bitchiness, and simultaneously kept outgoing Leanne down.

Now, both Leanne’s live in harmony, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Even just writing this, gives me those butterflies we all experience when we are on the precipice of something major. This excitements wells into my heart, and overflows daily. And, while this post may seem a bit random, out of the blue, and for those psych types, symptomatic of a mental condition, the truth is, this post is a segue to a much more interesting approach. With so much new, exciting, and otherwise awkward/eventful things happening, I am excited to use both my outgoing and quiet self to the best of my own ability. I’m excited to expand and appreciate my creative mind even more. I’m excited to take you on this journey with me. To share my crazy stories, with the utmost detail. Basically, I’m excited to be back. 


24 Random Facts About Me

A true writer draws from personal experience, and grossly exaggerates the facts.

Since my last two posts have stirred the pot a bit, I thought I would take a breather from “the more honest posts”, and instead, give you some interesting facts about me. After all, you read this daily, so you might as well get to know me more!





1. If you want to be my friend, don’t ever call me “Lea”. 

2. I never carry cash and I find it a huge inconvenience when I need to. 

3. I only chew stride gum.

4.  I’m terrified of lobsters… like, really terrified. 

5. I consider myself a “dabbler”–  I become bored easily- If I find something truly interesting- captivating– I will delve into it. Research, practice, learn, obsess; exhaust the topic. Then, I’ll be ready to move on. I used to jump from topic to topic, but I have learned/am learning to find ways to take a project and make it exciting again.

6.  I am convinced I will always want to do everything in life

7. You most likely won’t like me when you first meet me: I am loud, and boisterous. But, like an onion, I have many layers.  

8. My high school boyfriend broke up with one week before senior prom so I went to prom with a stranger. 

9. I’m actually quite shy at first, which is strange.

10. I received a 780/800 on the English portion of the SATs. 

11. I attended an all girls catholic high school- it was some of the best days. I’m sure I’ll see one of those girls as the President.

12. I am prone to impulsive decisions- it’s bad. 

13. Since 2010, I have been to over 25 Dave Matthews Band Shows. 

14. I have a workout playlist in the same order of Britney Spears Las Vegas show setlist.

15. I have about 14 moleskin notebooks floating around and each one has a specific purpose; I have romanticized the idea of still hand writing the really important things.

16. When something is truly funny to me, I bust out in these uncontrollable giggle fits where I snort and get this creepy grin all over my face.

17. I do have a long island accent; there, I admitted it.

18. I have developed a somewhat co-dependent relationship with my dog… Which will make it impossible to ever date again. 

19. I have REALLY curly hair that you will probably never see. 

20. I have a key on my keychain that goes nowhere; when my Grandpa died, I took it off his keychain. It was my way of keeping him with me. 

21. I’ve met every member of the Dave Matthews Band, except Dave.

22. I have over 300 books in my personal collection.

23. My nail polish NEVER stays perfect. There’s always a chip, and it’s the most infuriating thing, ever.

24. Although I only purchased my first DSLR last year, my mom has shoeboxes full of pictures I used to take… mostly of black squirrels (squiggers) and my childhood dog pooping.