What is this Life?

For the record, I think we should have today off. It’s just entirely unfair for Catholics to celebrate the rising of Christ, and be expected to return to work the next day. Cosmos, Lamb, 5 hours in the car- it’s all just really exhausting. We could have called it “Mourning Monday”. C’mon Catholics; we are SO behind on the “religious days off”! Get. It. Together. (every single religious person is shaking their head at me right now. #sorry)

While I usually don’t partake in weekend recaps, this one deserves one. Unfortuanately, there are not enough words in our limited language to describe just how amazing my friday was.

Let’s just put it this way: If you’re a Billy Joel fan, whether it be leisurely, or hardcore, you have to go see his tenure at Madison Square Garden. Yes, I know all the shows are sold out- that’s why we have stubhub. Wait a week before, go on stubhub, find a ticket, and prepare to have your face melted off.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and this was HANDS DOWN the best show I’ve been too. Yes, even better than Paul McCartney at Citifield. Yes, even better than all 26 DMB shows I’ve attended. ( I know that seems excessive, but trust me, there are fans who have attended 26 shows a summer. DMB has amassed a hardcore fan-base over their twenty+ years)

He was funny, energetic, and the crowd sang along with every word. When he did “River of Dreams >> Hards Day Night Cover>> River of Dreams”, I lost it. I’ll never forget; I was probably around 5 or so, and “River of Dreams” came on the TV, and I remember singing along to the entire song with my family. It’s just one of those songs that I absolutely love, and I was so thrilled to hear it.

During the encore, Billy danced, twirled his microphone, dropped it a few times, and had everyone on their feet. During “You May be Right” Gavin DeGraw (who was shockingly a great opener) joined on stage. I would share videos, but literally, all you hear is me singing highly off-key, and while most things don’t embarrass me, this does.

I would also love to note that the beyond drunk fifty-something next to us was everything. She would randomly just scream at Billy things like “BILLLYYYYY, I’M PREGNANT!” or “FUCK ME, BILLLYYYY!”, and it really made for a great experience. Nothing screams “Welcome to New York” like a drunk ass Long Islander.

Before we hopped on the train back to home, I snapped this picture with my iphone. I’m irrationally proud of it. Mainly because it was with my phone and I have VERY low expectations of my iphone.


Easter was also fun, although I realized yesterday my days are entirely dictated by my dog. We had to leave early because he was already alone for 7 hours, and with a two hour drive back, we knew we would be pushing his bladder. Plus, he gets exceptionally moody if we leave him alone for too long. Like, what is this life? A dog, who was tied to a pole in new york city drinking puddles, now dictates my life. It’s fine. To add salt to the wound, at 1 a.m. homeboy started barking like a crazy man because another dog was barking. After some melatonin he calmed down, but his owner couldn’t fall back asleep until 2:30. So, thats a solid 3 hours of sleep I’ve had. I know it was revenge for leaving him on Easter. My dad already said that next year I could bring him and just have the family eat upstairs, so, yes… I will be doing that.


EmmettJames_ LG Photography

The dictator of my life.

So, there’s that. Happy Mourning Monday. I’m going to be mourning my way all the way to the gym because I have 39 days to look decent in a picture, and seeing that my clavicle bone is starting to show, I need to work off the rack of lamb I ate yesterday. (I shared it- fat haters, I shared it! And, I did really well on the appetizers!)

The Importance of Trying

Before reading, you must watch this video (and, make sure your sound is on!)


I’m writing this on a Wednesday; Which means that I am most likely anxiously waiting for Jimmy Fallon to tweet his infamous “Tonight Show Hashtag” game. (editors note; Jimmy is on hiatus this week, womp)

Every week, for the last 6 months, I have submitted a tweet for this game. Some… some have been twitter gold; amassing countless likes, retweets, replies- yet, none of them have made the show.

Every Friday, I go to the official Tonight Show tumblr, waiting for their social media elves to upload the clip. I watch it; fast forwarding over the introduction, of course. During those 4-6 minutes, I hold my breath (figuratively, of course; I’m not David Blaine) waiting to see my tweet in Tonight Show lights. I also offer my silent critique of the other tweets; “really? that’s not even funny!” I think to myself. When the six minutes are up, I make this face, where I twist my lips into to the right into a half pout, and try and get over my disappointment.

Sure, the above might make me sound a bit crazy, but here’s what I love about it: Every week, I try; even with the odds stacked up against me.

I thought of this after yesterdays post; Because, let’s be honest- my post yesterday was whiny, and I’m not about that. I want people to read this space to laugh, not to hear me be whiny. And, while I know this will never be a fashion blog (beyond the fact that I loathe being in pictures, I just would feel heinously uncomfortable taking those type of photos), or a DIY blog, I do know that I want to write things that people find interesting, funny, or otherwise entertaining. And, if I happen to make you snort giggle- please tell me! That would be my greatest accomplishment to date.

I also thought about how these pointless, 140 character tweets, play into the grand scheme of things:

  • You want to publish a book, (I’m cool with an e-book too, fyi); okay, finish it, and try!
  • You want to loose those 30lbs; okay, keep going to gym. Keep eating right.
  • You want to be a regular over at Thought Catalog under your own name; Okay, write a lot of lists about the struggle of being a twenty something and how the twenty something struggle is real, yo. Or, write about being a feminist. Either way, that’s you’re golden ticket.
  • You want to own that photography studio? Okay, you have the perfect location picked out in the middle of town for $495/month- now, find a business partner. Or, ask your parents for an investment. Hey, maybe they’ll give you your wedding fund early and you can recoup those profits in tenfold (Naysayers; back up- I wouldn’t be a “typical” studio.)

I guess the point is; whatever you want to do, just try and do it. Failure is nothing to be afraid of.

That is what I want to leave you with on this Holiest of Thursdays. And, since tomorrow I’m seeing BILLY FREAKING JOEL (I’ll wait for your jealousy to subside), I probably won’t be writing- so, happy easter in advance; can’t wait to see your easter baskets!

Fun Fact: Dylans mom makes us both easter baskets and I find it to be the most adorable thing, ever.





The Fault of Our Days

The worst part of working full time is the inability to be creative all day. 
Maybe it’s me; maybe I’m not juggling my time right. But, it would seem that my thoughts have an inverse relationship with what I’m currently doing. “Oh, you’re working on a forecast? Cool, here’s a great writing idea.”  I’ll have this great thought, but the inability to explore it. So, I just jot it down and hope the same creative vigor will come back later.
This has been a pattern of mine lately. Honestly, my Evernote notebooks are a compilation of unfinished sentences and unexplored thoughts/writing topics. Yesterday, yesterday was a particularly wild day.  I also must have worn my sassy pants because every thought and word dripped with snark. A great, or deadly, writing mood. So, I jotted down all the thoughts, hoping that the sass will hone down just enough that it wasn’t too offensive.
I wrote about how all of the redundant, annoying “twenty something” lists over on Thought Catalog (seriously, there was a list yesterday about why the “author” was happy her sluttiness didn’t work.) were truly and honesty making me want to gauge my eyes out. Lists are fine, for certain things, but know the limit! Paragraphs and essays are not out of style, people! I even made a list of the most annoying list topics. Ultimately, given that I have written “lists”, I scratched the post… for now 😉
Then, I wrote about how I sometimes feel as if being a fan of the Dave Matthews Band comes with a cult membership. Do I love their music: without a doubt. Do I LOVE attending shows: without a doubt.  Do I love the people I’ve met: without a doubt. But, if the band said they were going to stop touring, I would ultimately be okay. It’s been an amazing journey falling in love with their music, meeting amazing people along the way, and being able to treasure these memories, it really has.  What is it about the band that has amassed such a cult like following over the years, and will new people ever be allowed to like the song “crash” without the dirty stares of veterans? Music should transcend past high school like clicks, right? And, yet, we are all caught up- myself included. 
Mix this with reading “The Fault in Our Stars”, and it’s been a heavy few days. This book makes you think; about life, about the uncertainty of it all, about how you just have to do it because we will never know when are last metaphorical breath will be.
The positive of reading such a heavy, moving, emotional book is that it’s motivating; maybe that was John Green’s goal.
Which is why yesterday, I volunteered to be an event coordinator for an adoption day in June! I’m working with the organization we adopted Emmett through, and I am SO excited. While I realize it’s not for children with cancer, like in the book, it is for animals that need help!
 Not gonna lie; non-profit/event work, is easily my favorite type of work. I would love love love love love to get back into it; even with the dirt pay, and crazy hours. (ironic, considering I’m trying to divvy up time now!)
And, that’s all; hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have something better to write.