24 Life Lessons To Live By

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m turning 24 this week! And, so… the theme continues!



1. No other music will transcend life quite like N*Sync, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears

2. obviously you want that cute puppy. it’s cool. get him/her. but you WILL spend way more money than you thought, and love them more than you could imagine

3. Live below your means- That cute dress is probably just going to sit in your closet with all the other cute dresses while you walk  around in yoga pants.

4. Procrastinating is a thrill in college, but after, not so much. If you want something-work for it. 

5. Make practical decisions– sure, that glitter-neon phone case is cute now, but what happens when you inevitably trip? Prettiness might fade, but clumsiness is forever.

6. get drunk- not too often- and, when you come home- drink water, take advil, brush your teeth, and sleep until that cute dog wakes you


7. Always make a list before grocery shopping– if you don’t, you’ll spend 2 hours wandering each aisle, only to come home without anything you needed. 

8. Iit’s okay to say “no”. 

9.You’re going to fail; it’s okay. Actually, it’s fantastic- it means you took a risk.

10. opt to eat-in– it’s the little things that add up to a big savings. 

11. you can’t eat like you did in college and expect to fit in your high school jeans. 


12. don’t ever buy generic paper towels.

13. If your car is making a weird noise, it probably means it needs to be fixed. 

14. you can’t move forward unless you “let go”.

15. Journal. After all, you probably can’t afford a shrink yet. 

16. You won’t be able to afford everything you want at first.  

17. tell the people you love, that you love them. there isn’t a “too many times” limit.


18. Always have a spare $20 in your car/wallet/ shoe.

19. don’t be afraid to fall in love. It won’t ruin your career and true friends will be happy for you.

20. go to concerts– they’re fun and you might meet some amazing people.


21. get your 6-8 hours of sleep- “bags under your eyes chic” was so 90’s.

22. don’t be afraid to treat yourself- but, not everyday.

23. go to the gym, eat healthy, take care of yourself– but,  you don’t have to broadcast it on every social media site.


24. Over dressing is never a crime.



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24 Things Post-Grads Say


I’m Turning 24 this week, so I’m doing things in 24’s; Here we go:

1. The Real Word is Tough

2. I can’t… afford it

3. When’s happy hour?

4.I’m thinking about going back to school.

5. I wish I majored in….

6. I can’t go out tonight… I have work tomorrow

7. I’m cool with just having wine at home and watching Netflix

8.OMG, REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME (at the townhouse, bar, frat party) when you (blacked out, hooked up with that guy, peed on a tree)

9. I’m just trying to figure it out.

10. Yeah Mom, I want to move out of our basement too!

11. I’m just too tired to do anything right now.

12. Would it be weird if I went to a college party?

13. Can you believe they’re engaged already?!

14. Whatever, its fine… I don’t care that I’m not engaged.

15. Ugh, I wish I was turning 21 again.

16. Did tequila get stronger?

17. Can’t wait for Casual Friday.

18. Do you think I’ll get a snow day? there’s like an inch in the forecast

19. Wait, did you see who got pregnant!

20.I’m on this new diet…

21. I’m really into yoga these days

22.Dad, I KNOW college cost 220k, BUT, I have to follow my PASSION!

23.How do people do this?!

24.Its just the right decision for me right now.

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No Judgement Zone

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In January, I re-budgeted my year only to realize I was spending $50.00 for a gym membership at the local Y. Yes, the “Y”- short for “YMCA“- like the song, but without the contagious beat.

 $600 a year just so I can use equipment? Yeah, no thanks. So, I re-evaluated life, did some research, and  found that Planet Fitness was the cheapesterhm, “most affordable”, gym around. Plus, they offered free tanning, so really, I’m the one who’s winning.
I know PF, as us Members call it (we don’t), has an “iffy” reputation. I mean, the lunk alarm is a little much. And tootsie rolls at the door is a little counter-intuitive, but if you just focus on your dream body, all of that can be washed out.  Plus, the one near us is huge and very clean so I can’t complain. Or, can I?
Yesterday, while at the gym, I went to do my leg training on the fun machines. When I entered the room, there was a woman, sitting on the machine  I wanted… Texting.
“Okay, she’s in between reps.. I’ll go to another machine” I thought to myself. I moved on, and completed my workout on another machine. Ten minutes go by, she’s still texting. Fifteen minutes go by, she’s still sitting there, texting.
  I’m aware that PF is a “no judgment zone”  but if I were to judge, I’d have this to say:
Look, I’m not a model, and I truly have no problem with someone taking a minute between reps. I mean, really, who the hell I am to critique another workout?  But, there has to be some sort of trigger in her brain that says “MAYBE, just maybe, I’m inconveniencing other gym-goers by sitting here texting”.  I asked her for the machine, she said she was “busy”. Other gym-goers waited for the machine… she didn’t budge. She just sat there, exercising her thumbsI’m not judging her appearance; I’m judging her selfish, entitled, actions. 
So, yeah, perhaps PF is a no judgment zone inside their four walls, but outside of those purple musty walls, I’m judging… I’m judging hardcore. 
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