Writers Block Is A Lot Like Constipation

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Honestly, they’re one in the same.

Writers Block; the inability to put words on real/fake digital paper.
Constipation: the inability to pass bowel movements from your intestines to the toilet bowl.

Both hurt, physically and mentally. In the beginning, you think “this too will pass”. You wait it out. Hours turn into days, and if you’re very unfortunate, days turn into weeks. As time passes, you start to feel feelings. Self consciousness begins to set in; one, for your inability to conjure anything creative/exciting to write. The other, for the ten pounds of feces weight bloating your stomach.

Mentally, you start to wonder if it’s something you will ever overcome. You start to admit defeat- you stop trying to write witty punch lines, or creative tales. You stop sitting on the toilet for extended amounts of time, playing games on your phone, trying to pass both time and gas.

Eventually, you surrender yourself to being a non-creative, bloat type that will just walk this earth aimlessly for the rest of time.

Relief is on the horizon though! One day, you finally write  that decent sentence. The words start flowing. Your stomach starts making that curling noise. You start to “feel it”- Your body lurches, and suddenly, you panic to find the nearest bathroom; mount vesuvius is ready to erupt. And, as you squat (or rest your cheeks on the toilet, whatever) relief swims over your body. You, you feel alive again! You have literally dumped the shit that’s been holding you back.  Your world, and bowels, are once again aligned!

We all are going to go through a dry spell; and, sometimes you gotta write crap before you find your stride.

I Quit Today

Today, I deleted my old “blog”.

It was an easy decision- mainly because the more I wrote over there, the more it seemed like I was trying too hard.
That blog served a purpose though- it taught me that it’s okay to put yourself out there!
 The truth is, I’m not a blogger. I’m a ” hobby writer”. I write what I feel. I write what I know. The difference between the two is that bloggers have tons of sponsors.. Just kidding, but really, bloggers put so much of themselves out there, and that’s just something I’m not ready for. The weekend recaps, the constant pressure to remember to take pictures, link up, sponsor, have sponsors- it’s all so much. (And, it’s something they ALL complain about)
I write because it’s something I love to do. I may not be the best at it, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. My posts don’t go viral, the only person on facebook who “likes” them is my mom, but now that she’s off Facebook, they go unnoticed. But, I’m okay with that.
I send my better pieces to popular “viral” sites, some go through, some don’t. My pageviews fluctuate more than my waistband- and, that’s okay too.
When you love something, you nurture it until it grows, right?
Speaking of things I love- Here are some edited photos from a photo shoot I had a few weeks ago!
Todays post was brought to you by “Writers Block”– the moment where you just have to knock down the blockage and word vomit somewhere.

14 Things That Happen When Women PMS




It’s okay- it happens to the best of us.

  1. Every word out of your mouth has a snarky undertone. 
  2. little thing starts to irritate you.  Is someone near you breathing heavy? gtfo. 
  3. You go from wanting to eat everything in sight, to never wanting to eat again in 30 seconds
  4. You become unreasonably emotional when someone unfollows you on twitter
  5. All you want to do is lie in bed with your two favorite men, Ben, Jerry, and Netflix.
  6. You have perpetual “bitch face”, and a single glare will make someone run away… far away.
  7. You wear the same sweatpants all weekend, and become absurdly annoyed when you are required to change.
  8. You don’t want to talk to anyone, and pretty much only use your phone to social media stalk.
  9. on the rare occasion that you actually try to look good, you still somehow manage to look a mess. 
  10. texting words requires too much effort, so you just resort to texting in emoji. 
  11. Suddenly, there isn’t enough chocolate in the world to satiate your need. 
  12. Your bag becomes a pharmacy of midol, and tampons.
  13. You suddenly fear sitting for too long, because ya know, “leaking”. 
  14. You curse being a woman, and that bitch Eve for eating “the Apple”.