No Judgement Zone

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In January, I re-budgeted my year only to realize I was spending $50.00 for a gym membership at the local Y. Yes, the “Y”- short for “YMCA“- like the song, but without the contagious beat.

 $600 a year just so I can use equipment? Yeah, no thanks. So, I re-evaluated life, did some research, and  found that Planet Fitness was the cheapesterhm, “most affordable”, gym around. Plus, they offered free tanning, so really, I’m the one who’s winning.
I know PF, as us Members call it (we don’t), has an “iffy” reputation. I mean, the lunk alarm is a little much. And tootsie rolls at the door is a little counter-intuitive, but if you just focus on your dream body, all of that can be washed out.  Plus, the one near us is huge and very clean so I can’t complain. Or, can I?
Yesterday, while at the gym, I went to do my leg training on the fun machines. When I entered the room, there was a woman, sitting on the machine  I wanted… Texting.
“Okay, she’s in between reps.. I’ll go to another machine” I thought to myself. I moved on, and completed my workout on another machine. Ten minutes go by, she’s still texting. Fifteen minutes go by, she’s still sitting there, texting.
  I’m aware that PF is a “no judgment zone”  but if I were to judge, I’d have this to say:
Look, I’m not a model, and I truly have no problem with someone taking a minute between reps. I mean, really, who the hell I am to critique another workout?  But, there has to be some sort of trigger in her brain that says “MAYBE, just maybe, I’m inconveniencing other gym-goers by sitting here texting”.  I asked her for the machine, she said she was “busy”. Other gym-goers waited for the machine… she didn’t budge. She just sat there, exercising her thumbsI’m not judging her appearance; I’m judging her selfish, entitled, actions. 
So, yeah, perhaps PF is a no judgment zone inside their four walls, but outside of those purple musty walls, I’m judging… I’m judging hardcore. 

A (re) Introductory

Welcome to the new and Improved Site! 


About the Name:

When I started toying with the idea of starting a new blog, I wanted something that fit “me”.  I tried using alliterations, but there aren’t all that many meaningful “L” words and it seemed cheesy. Then, I looked at my most recent text with my best friend and it dawned on me; why not name your blog after the term you use the most!? It was perfect.
“Wait… I can’t” is a term I use on the daily. Yes, it’s obnoxious and quintessential to the twenty something era, but it’s also a great phrase that I love. It’s not exactly verbose, profound or a testament to my intelligence, but yet, it’s a perfect way to sum up thoughts.  a perfect fit for a blog, don’t ya think? 
Why Start a Blog?
Honestly, it’s just a creative outlet. This isn’t a lifestyle blog (a term I find ironic- think about it- you blog about a lifestyle but your lifestyle is your blog). This isn’t a DIY type blog either. If you’re wondering what I can offer you then, it’s this:  I can offer you a blog about nothing. (that’s a Seinfeld reference…)
It’s a space for me to press words (see what I did there?). It’s a place for me to write about my thoughts on pop culture, everyday life, and more. It’s a place for me to, hopefully, connect with other people out there. 
Like my last blog, I will try so very hard to write consistently. Unlike my last blog, this one will be more streamlined. More concise, and a bit more edited. 
So, I hope you enjoy and stick around.
You can follow me on twitter: @lealea_gee
or, on instagram: @leannesliveslife
I don’t really use facebook, but you can find my photography page over there: /LeanneGelishPhotography