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I'm a full time event planner currently based on Long Island, New York. Yes, you read that correctly. For three years, I have been planning people's special events. Baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, engagement parties, divorce parties; you name it, I've planned it. I have loved getting to know clients, learning about their vision and helping that vision come to life.

It was during this time of getting to know clients that I began to get to know myself. I have a strong attention to detail, I love the little things, and regardless of how hard I try not to, I tend to be a "fixer". "Oh, your dress zipper broke? No problem, I have a solution for that."

Soon, I began capturing people's events. Prior to this position, I was working as a second photographer for weddings, hosting my own "concept shoots", and helped non profits build their websites with professional grade photographs. To me, capturing the room set ups, the floral arrangements, the smile during a surprise, all of it, felt natural. As I began posting more and more, friends began asking me to capture engagements, events, and even their families. As people began trusting me with their most important, I began trusting myself.

While I have ventured down quite a few paths with photography, my home has always been capturing the love between people. The way a mother smiles as she hugs and twirls her daughter, or the way a stressed out dad can suddenly be at ease with his children by his side. I love the way couples silently communicate through their eyes. There is nothing more rewarding or humbling than being in the presence of the one thing we do not understand in this world; true love. It is big, it is mystifying, it is contagious and it is what I love to capture.

While you're with me, you will not hear me ask your kids to say "cheese". I do not do awkward, stagnant, poses. In fact, you might even get nervous that we're not getting " the shots".  My goal is to capture you, your family, your moments, beautifully & naturally. I want to capture the little things, and the big feelings. 

Feel free to visit my portfolio and if you like what I see, let's create something.

xx Leanne


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