The ULTIMATE House Hunters Drinking Game

Set the scene: you’re sitting on your couch, pantless,  crumbs on your chest, while watching hour 4 of a House Hunters Binge. You’ve screamed at the TV over the irrational expectations vs. budget, you’ve gasped at how much $200k can buy you in Atlanta, and you’ve questioned how some of these demanding women can have significant others while you’re still swiping on Tinder. 

What if I had a way to make that scene even better? I know, I know- it seems * pretty * unrealistic, but, gurllll I promise you I can. Inspired by true events, I proudly introduce to you…

         ::drum roll::

                    ::hold it.::

            The Ultimate House Hunters Drinking Game!  A perfect way to elevate your next binge!

house hunters


  • one person wants a “project”
  • you hear “recently married couple”
  • “He wants modern but she wants character”
  • someone mentions “character”
  • someone wants hardwood but the other wants carpet
  • you hear “room to entertain”


  • someone mentions “open concept”
  • someone mentions “over budget”
  • one person complains about a pool
  • someone wants a “white kitchen”
  • the term “busy street” is mentioned
  • one person mentions proximity to “town”, “shops”,  or “beach”


  • The realtor mentions how difficult the couple is
  • “mature trees” is mentioned
  • the term “whimsical” is a priority
  • you guess the right house
  • they pick the worst house

And, there ya have it. Look, don’t operate heavy machinery after participation. Also, I am not responsible if you drunk text your ex. This game is even better in a group!