My Word of the Year

Montreal (2 of 14)

When I decided to take this little page of mine a little more seriously, it was with the understanding that I have to forgive myself if there is a week where I do not write. 

It’s interesting how we have to “forgive ourselves” when we let ourselves down. We set our expectations for ourselves at an almost unattainable height, and, wonder why we fail. And, that, was my biggest issue in 2017. I set expectations for myself that were unattainable. I caused myself to fail. I did not give myself time or space. 

Going into 2018, it felt as if there was a heavy weight lifted. I made a choice to let anything that was holding me back go. I made a choice to refocus on the things that make me happy, while also forgiving myself if I can’t run on all cylinders. 

I made a choice to evaluate my diet, my habits, my workouts. And, as I made these choices I started to feel more empowered, happier, and more free.

Choice: my word of 2018.

It might seem simple, trivial even, to some. Shouldn’t I have a more profound word?  Perhaps. But, to me, this word is profound.

Everyday, we have a choice. We have a choice to be humble, a choice to express gratitude, a choice to find motivation. We choose the food we eat, we choose to work out, we choose to do the things we love. Everyday, we are given options and we have to decide what is the best for us. 

Twelves days into 2018 and this simple word has already corrected behaviors for me. I have made better choices for myself. So, as this year continues, I hope to make the right choices for myself.

What are some of your resolutions?